Hi there, my name is Esther Y. kang. i am an educator, a researcher, and a strategist based in Brooklyn, NY.

I specialize in people-centered methodologies and work at the intersection of civic innovation, public policy, and social justice. I advocate for people who are marginalized, and I strive to have their stories shape how we move forward. I am deeply committed to building social equity, centering underrepresented voices, and designing thoughtful processes. You can view my CV here.

Current work: I am co-authoring a playbook that outlines an outcomes based budgeting process for municipalities in the U.S., designing a blueprint for radical-justice-centered neighborhood development, and teaching design thinking x public policy at New York University (NYU).

Previous life: I served a one-year term with a White House Initiative under the Obama administration, and was a key thought partner to teams working in arts advocacy, city government, nonprofit management, and philanthropy.

Fun highlight: I was recently invited to be an MFA thesis advisor for the 2019-2020 academic year for the School of Visual Art’s social innovation department and named a disruptor in art, culture, and philanthropy by CSQ Magazine.

Have an idea you want to chat about? You can reach me at eyk@estherykang.com.
Would love to hear from you.