Hi there, my name is Esther Y. kang, and i am a strategist, a researcher, and an educator based in Brooklyn, NY.

I specialize in people-centered methodologies and work at the intersection of social justice, public policy, and civic innovation. In other words, I advocate for people who are marginalized and underrepresented, and I strive to have their stories influence how systems move forward.

Current projects: I am implementing equity-centered engagement strategies at the state level, designing a framework for a data justice initiative at the city level, and leading visioning workshops at the neighborhood level.

Previous life: I served a one-year term as the Designer-in-Residence for a White House Initiative under the Obama administration, and was a key thought partner to teams working in philanthropy, nonprofit management, city government, and arts advocacy.

Fun highlights: I was recently interviewed for a documentary featuring creative changemakers in the U.S. and Europe (to be released fall 2019), named a disruptor in art, culture, and philanthropy by CSQ Magazine (yr 2018), and welcomed to Restorative Justice Initiative’s NYC board (spring 2019).