Hi there, my name is Esther Y. kang, and i am an educator, a researcher, and a strategist based in Brooklyn, NY.

I specialize in people-centered methodologies and work at the intersection of civic innovation, public policy, and social justice. In other words, I advocate for people who are marginalized, and I strive to have their stories shape how we move forward. My work has been featured on Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities Medium Page, the Obama White House blog, and WIRED.

Current projects: I am implementing equity-centered engagement strategies at the state level, designing a framework for a data justice initiative at the city level, and leading visioning workshops at the neighborhood level.

Previous life: I served a one-year term as the Designer-in-Residence for a White House Initiative under the Obama administration, and was a key thought partner to teams working in arts advocacy, city government, nonprofit management, and philanthropy.

Fun highlights: I was recently interviewed for a documentary featuring creative changemakers in the U.S. and Europe (to be released fall 2019), named a disruptor in art, culture, and philanthropy by CSQ Magazine (yr 2018), and welcomed to Restorative Justice Initiative’s NYC board (spring 2019).