White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
(Under the Obama Administration)

As WHIAAPI planned for the upcoming transition year due to the sunsetting of the Obama administration, I facilitated two brainstorming sessions with current and former staff. This included staff from up to 5 other federal agencies, presidential and political appointees, and staff from national nonprofit organizations.

The purpose of these sessions was to leverage and gather as many insights as possible to best prepare for the transition.

A third and final strategic planning and brainstorming session under the Obama administration took place approximately a month before his administration's Executive Order was to expire (August 2017). Prior to its final days, WHIAAPI staff at the time wanted to round out their time by allowing their ambassadors across numerous federal agencies to arrive at a consensus with regard to next steps.

The first two workshops included former and current staff to generate ideas for three topics: key points to consider when institutionalizing WHIAAPI, communication strategies to capture WHIAAPI highlights from the past seven years, and strategies to create a sustainable model for WHIAAPI’s Regional Network (RN).

The first workshop consisted of about 30 participants from permanent staff, political and presidential appointees, and staff from approximately 5 federal agencies. I recruited two Presidential Innovation Fellows and one highly acclaimed design-thinker to assist in facilitating this five-hour session.

The second workshop consisted of about seven participants from three agencies across four regions. This was an online workshop facilitated via Google Hangout and ideas were generated around the topic of sustaining the RN. 

The third and final workshop was an effort to connect ambassadors across federal agencies to advocate for the AAPI community despite unknown nature of WHIAAPI under the Trump administration.

Ideas were included into a final report  and submitted to the executive team. Components of the session were integrated into each project; I specifically managed the implementation process for the RN.

Participants of the third workshop left hopeful with immediate next steps outlined and commitment made to the initial mission of the Initiative.

Position Designer-in-Residence
Workshop Design & Facilitation; Organizational & Systems Design; Project Management