What is human-centered design /

Human-Centered Design is a creative approach to problem solving that restructures the development process to incorporate the people that will be affected by the product. In other words, this process makes sure that the product addresses the needs of the people that will be using it. In addition to the below diagram's discover phase, my process includes understanding context through a sociological and behavioral studies lens in order to fully comprehend the path that led to present day. 

Corber Creative's Double Diamond Diagram. The original Double Diamond diagram was created by the U.K.'s Design Council. 

My definition of product is loosely described as a process that impacts an individual's personal or professional life.

Examples given:
Three dimensional product like the usability of utensils
Service like the customer friendliness of a doctor's visit
Environmental design like navigating through a retail space
Program development like the effectiveness of a government agency's direct service
Organizational development like the efficacy of a company as a whole and within their units
System design like the possibility of interagency collaborations within government