Photo by Kali Heitholt

Photo by Kali Heitholt




About Esther Y. Kang 

b. 1986    Detroit, MI   

I grew up with parents who instilled the importance of two things: understanding the full context of a given situation and having an empathetic approach to relationships. The aforementioned became integral pillars in life encouraging me to ask a lot of questions, take initiative, and imagine myself in circumstances other than my own. This spirit developed throughout my formative years in the U.S.—the midwest, the south, and along the west coast.

Each location fostered a position that deeply values authenticity, curiosity, and integrity. All of which inform my work and process. I am committed to building social equity, designing inclusive infrastructures, and advocating for the application of intersectional pedagogies.

I am currently an independent educator, researcher, and strategist partnering with teams across the country to confront and address complex social issues, together. Some of my recent collaborators have been Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities, The OpenGov Foundation, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, and AARP.

In my spare time, you might find me skateboarding through the park, biking by the beach, hiking new trails, looking for the next Basquiat retrospective, eating like the locals do, discovering new singer-songwriter-bands, finding hole-in-the-wall joints, and reading both nonfiction and speculative fiction.